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Bondage Photography Workshop

Workshop Description:

A 5 Hour Bondage Photography Workshop by Chanta Rose with 3 stunning, professional bondage models. The models will be bound in rope (and other restraints) to give photographers the rare opportunity to photograph them while all tied up and helpless (and loving it, of course!)

Bondage is amazing to photograph. Bondage can be sexy. It can be painful. It’s always arousing. It can contort the body into a bound ball or stretch it out and put it on display. Bondage is intriguing; it is interesting to look at and yet difficult to understand too many. Why is it so sexy to see a hot girl bound and struggling? Chanta will demonstrate the beauty of strict, elegant rope bondage and you’ll get to see first hand why so many models love to be tied up and photographed! There will be 3 different sets, with a model bound a different way on each, tied will be changed multiple times throughout the workshop and suggestions for positions are encouraged…if you’d like to photograph a hogtie, just let us know! As a finale, all 3 models will be bound together!

This workshop will explore many different styles of bondage and ways to photograph them.

After a brief introduction and explanation of what makes bondage safe, real and sexy the class will be divided into groups for simultaneous shooting. The models will be bound in traditional Japanese bondage, “sexbondage” (basically bondage that people do at home for the purpose of having sex). We usually also do at least one full suspension! Chanta will assist in showing what the “important “ shots in bondage photography are as well as jump in and pose with the bound beauties (when she’s not busy tying!), she may even bring a flogger/vibrator for some light S&M play with the models during the shoots! You’ll certainly get shots like you never have done before! Be warned; these workshops can get wild!

About Chanta
After years on glamour modeling in the UK Chanta decided to give bondage modeling a try and LOVED it! Dominant by nature it wasn’t long before she was tying models up for various shoots and dominating them! She has experience in all types of bondage; western, Japanese, suspension, etc. and has been the webmaster/director of the largest bondage sites in the world.

Chanta's book "Bondage for Sex" is now available, for a sneak peek go here: http://www.bondageforsexguide.com

Who Should Attend: All levels of photographers who have an interest in developing, practicing or honing their Bondage Photography skills. There may even be the chance to learn a few simple ties!

Workshop Fee: $200 (includes studio, models, costuming, studio discounts and Chanta Rose!)

Hosting, Instruction, and Support: Chanta Rose and Rick Hall. The model to photographer ratio is 3 to 1. We accept a maximum of 9 attendees for 3 models (and Chanta).



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