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An introduction to erotic electro-play by Chanta Rose

The feeling of electricity passing over your clitoris cannot be compared to any other sensation. The sharp shock of an electrode in your ass is intimidating. The power of an orgasm forced by electrical and vibrating stimuli is totally overwhelming!

Electrifying the cunt can be both shockingly painful and intensely pleasurable. Chanta will demonstrate safe electrical play with a variety of implements and electrical toys and will give the class the opportunity to feel the electricity for themselves! She will display different scenarios for erotic electro-play such as; play while in bondage, predicament play and of course, everyone’s favorite: forcing orgasm!

Come alone or with a partner! Chanta will have a demo model but would love to have a couple of brave students volunteer to be electrified! If you would be interested in this please wear comfortable clothing where your cunt is easily accessible!

Chanta’s Bio:

As Webmaster for the world’s largest electro play bondage site: WiredPussy.com for 2 years Chanta has used almost every electrical toy available as well as building many of her own. She often worked with models that had no knowledge or were scared of electro-play for shoots but by the end of the day, after many electrical forced orgasms they would be begging to come back and shoot again! She aims to ease people’s fears of electrical play and introduce them to a whole new world or erotic stimuli. Chanta isn’t biased and did also plan to launch wiredpenis.com! She may do a class with a focus on male genital electro-play in the future.

Chanta's book "Bondage for Sex" is now available, for a sneak peek go here: http://www.bondageforsexguide.com


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